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Veritas Musica Publishing was established in 2009 as a music publishing company by Wayne Lu, sole proprietor.  As President and Founder, Wayne had the vision of creating opportunities for musicians that were “waiting to be discovered.”  With the common practice of most publishing companies bordering on unethical, Wayne hoped to build a company that was more “creator-friendly.”  With the assistance of two dear friends and colleagues, J. G. Miller and Kurt Gorman, both of whom serve as Vice Presidents, Veritas Musica is established as a small company with a distinctly different vision than most other music publishing companies.  Several prominent musicians have already joined on with Veritas Musica including Jeff Agrell (Professor of Horn, University of Iowa), Lowell Greer (former Professor of Horn, University of Michigan), Luke Snyder (Instrumental Music Director, Eagle Grove High School, IA) and Christopher Kies (Professor of Theory/Composition, University of New Hampshire).   From Latin, Veritas Musica translates as "musical truth."

The vision of Veritas Musica is to make quality music and music supported materials that are worthy of attention and scholarly analysis available to the public that might be overlooked by other publishing companies.  Outside of mostly chamber music works, Veritas Musica will also offer educational materials, scholarly articles, pedagogical theses, and representative recordings. 

Our company provides to independent musicians the opportunity to a low-risk publishing house, giving musicians a higher percentage of profits and a unique no-risk termination clause. Where many other companies will indefinitely retain copyrights of works they acquire, Veritas Musica will, with proper notice, return musician's publishing rights should they choose to leave the company.

Our company provides two in-house copyists as well for musicians who need to have their music set in digitial notation software. Our company uses both Finale and Sibelius notation programs.

Click here for a biography of each of the executives officers of Veritas Musica Publishing.

Veritas Musica Publishing

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Upcoming premieres of Veritas Musica Publications in 2012:

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