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A Message from the President:


"Dear friends and family,

I have two private students that want to participate in this coming June's Kendall Betts Horn Camp. Both students are in need of some financial assistance. To help them out, I would like to offer to write a 4-7 minute piece for horn and piano that will be finished by January 1, 2014. Anybody that would like a copy of this work could buy it for $15. The profit from this piece will go towards sponsoring these two students at KBHC. If you are interested in buying this work and helping out two very deserving high school students, please send a check to:

Wayne Lu
1314 5th St.
Eldora, IA 50627

Thank you for your time and consideration." 

This project can now be found under "Special Projects" in our catalog.



Veritas is very excited to announce the addition of Derek Jenkins to our list of contributors.  Derek is a talented young composer hailing from the Kansas City area.  Look for several of Derek's pieces in our catalog including a wonderful saxophone quartet entitled inertia.  Welcome aboard, Derek!

Veritas is also happy to welcome Drew Phillips as a contributor!  Drew is currently the horn TA at the University of Iowa along with being a fantastic arranger!  Drew's first work with Veritas is the Gardel - Por Una Cabeza (Tango) for horn octet.  We are thrilled to start a working relationship with Drew and look forward to many great things from him in the future.  

On September 2, 2012, Wayne Lu (horn) and Tim Meier (organ) premiered two movements of Wayne Lu's Suite for Horn and Organ at Zion Lutheran Church in Iowa City, I. Exult and II. Illuminate.  This work will be recorded by Wayne and Tim for a CD project later this year.  

On September 5, 2012, Professor Amy Schendel (trumpet) and Rene Lecuona (piano) of the University of Iowa performed Wayne Lu's Sonata for Trumpet and Piano on a recital at the Riverside Recital Hall in Iowa City, Iowa.  The piece will also be recorded for Amy's upcoming solo CD produced by Albany Records.  


Veritas Musica Publishing Past Events


July 2012

JG Miller, horn, and Vanessa Young, harp, premiered Wayne Lu's Vignette for Horn and Harp along with JG's arrangement of Charles Oberthur's Nocturno for Horn and Harp on a Doctoral Recital at the MacDonald Hall at the University of Southern California on July 13th.


June 2012

June is always a busy month for Veritas Musica Publishing. This year at Kendall Betts Horn Camp, we had numerous premieres and performances of our works, including


W. Lu - Zenith for horn and piano (performed by Wayne Lu, horn and Arlene Kies, piano)

Mozart - Quartet from Don Giovanni arr. J. Greg Miller for 4 horns and piano (performed by Staff Ensemble and Arlene Kies, piano)

Mozart - Aria "Ruhe sanft" from Zaida arr. J. Greg Miller for Horn and piano (performed by JG Miller and Arlene Kies, piano)

Brahms - Five Brahms Songs, arr. Verne Reynolds for 2 horns and piano, restored by J. Greg Miller (movements performed by Wayne Lu, JG Miller, Julie Gerhardt, Peggy Moran, Peter Kurau, Lauren Becker, Bob Hoyle, Allen Fogle, and Arlene Kies, Piano)


J. S. Bach - Passacaglia in c minor, arr. J. Greg Miller for 10 horns (performed by the Faculty/Staff Ensemble)

Ginastera - Danza from Estancia, arr. J. Greg Miler for 10 horns (performed by the Faculty/Staff Ensemble)

Shostakovich - Festive Overture, arr. J. Greg Miller for 10 horns (performed by the Faculty/Staff Ensemble)

JG Miller - Seven Sets on the Odyssey for Unaccompanied Horn (performed by Laura Chicarello)

W. Lu - Xi for horn and piano (performed by Carrie Vertin, horn and Arlene Kies, piano)

Holst - First Suite, arr. Sean Bresemann for 8 horns (performed by the Faculty/Staff Ensemble and also the College Horn Ensemble)

Mozart - Quartet from Idomeneo arr. J. Greg Miller for 4 horns and piano (performed by JG Miller, Wayne Lu, Allen Fogle, Lauren Becker, with Arlene Kies, piano)

Traditional - Shenandoah, arr. Wayne Lu for horn and piano (performed by Wayne Lu, horn and Ted Thayer, piano)


Rachel Lu Hutchings, piano, and Dan Hutchings, tenor, premiered Rachael's art song setting entitled Uncoiled Shell: Three Poems by Hart Crane for tenor and piano at the University of Denver's Lamont SChool of Music Pre-College Academy Faculty Recital on June 20th.

Veritas Musica is proud to announce the addition of Jonathan Schwabe to our list of contributors.  Professor Schwabe has been a faculty member in Composition/Theory at the U. of Northern Iowa for several years.  His work Four Emily Dickinson Songs for tenor, horn, and piano is now available through Veritas.  Welcome aboard, Jonathan!


May 2012

Congratulations to Rachael Lu Hutchings on a wonderful premiere of her original composition Theme, Variations, and Fluctuations for solo piano on a recital at the Lamont School of Music, Denver University on May 19, 2012.  We are proud to publish this work and look forward to many more new compositions from Rachael in the future!


April 2012 - The premiere of Wayne Lu's Sonata for Trumpet and Piano can be viewed through the following link here - Please fast forward to 1:37 in the video to get to the performance by Professors Kurt Gorman - trumpet and Delana Easley - piano.

On Saturday, March 31, Blake Baker, marimba, premiered Wayne Lu's Victorious for 2-mallet solo marimba at the Iowa State Small Group Solo/Ensemble Contest at Roland Story High School, Iowa.

Veritas Musica's music is now represented in the Harrassowitz catalog, a German distributor. Music by Christopher Kies, J.G. Miller, Steven Landis, Jeff Agrell, and Wayne Lu are now available in Europe through Harrassowitz.

Anticipated premiere of Wayne Lu's Suite for Horn and Organ in Marshalltown, Iowa.  This is a four movement work (I. Exult, II. Illuminate, III. Purify, IV. Rejoice) that will be performed by Tim Meier, organ, and Wayne Lu, horn.  

May 2012 - Veritas Musica is very proud to add Rachael Lu Hutchings to our list of contributors. Rachael, the real genius in the Lu family, has offered a solo piano work entitled Theme, Variations, and Fluctuations that will be premiered on her Master's recital at Denver University's Lamont School of Music on Saturday, May 19, 2012.

Kurt Gorman, Trumpet Professor at the University of Tennessee - Martin, will be performing Wayne Lu's Sonata for Trumpet and Piano at the International Trumpet Guild's conference at Columbus State University in May. This will be the second performance of this work. Kurt will also be recording this work for his upcoming solo CD

Veritas Musica is proud to announce the addition of Alan Schmitz as a contributing composer. Professor Schmitz has been working as faculty and Associate Director of the University of Northern Iowa School of Music for several years. His first published work with Veritas is Tango for guitar and viola. Welcome aboard, Alan!

Veritas Musica is proud to announce the addition of Benjamin Faugstad as a contributing composer/arranger. Benjamin is currently working as the Instrumental Music Director at Lake Mills High School in Iowa. His first work to be published by Veritas is Vibeman for percussion ensemble, a great work for any high school percussion group. Welcome aboard, Benjamin!

March 2012 - Anticipated premiere of Wayne Lu's Sonata for Trumpet and Piano by Kurt Gorman, Professor of Trumpet at the University of Tennessee - Martin as part of their faculty recital series. Wayne Lu will also perform his Sonata for Horn and Piano on this recital.

February 2012 - Anticipated premiere of a Wayne Lu's "Cherry Blossoms" for trumpet, trombone, and piano performed by Professors Amy and Dan Cherry for a faculty recital at the University of Western Carolina in Cullowhee, NC.

January 2012 - Veritas Musica annouced the addition of Gabriel Monticello to our list of composers.  Gabriel is a musician from Florida who plays multiple instruments and has written several works. 

On Saturday, January 14th, Wayne Lu, horn, performed a recital with Patrick Gagnon, piano, at the South Hardin High School Auditorium.  On this recital, Wayne performed two of his own arrangements for horn and piano, Shenandoah and Amazing Grace.  Also on this recital was Jeff Agrell's unaccompanied horn solo Esprit de Cor and Wayne Lu's "Xi" for horn and piano.

Stephanie Rea performed with the Paducah Symphony Orchestra during the 2011-2012 season, and she presented "Ohlala!", a solo flute recital of French music at Murray State University in February 2012. In the scholarly arena, she served as a peer reviewer of Fulbright Scholar applications in the music performance discipline for the 2012-2013 academic year.

October 2011 - Erika Binsley, horn and Biran Hanke, piano performed Wayne Lu's Legacy for horn, piano, and four obbligato horns on a recital in California on October 21st.  This was the West Coast premiere of Legacy.

June 2011 - Vertias Musica is excited to annouce the addition of Sean Bresemann as a contributing artist. Welcome aboard, Sean! Look for Sean's arrangement of Gustav Holst - First Suite, I. Chaconne for 8 Horns.

June 2011 - Veritas Musica is proud to annouce the release of our first CD, Legacy: Compositions by Wayne Lu. This can be purchased in our catalog.   

June 2011 - Wayne Lu and JG Miller performed and premiered several new works by Veritas Musica at Kendall Betts Horn Camp. These performances included Sean Bresemann's Holst First Suite, I. Chaconne for 8 horns, JG Miller's arrangements of the Klughardt Five Fantasy Pieces arranged for Two Horns and Partita in B Flat BWV 825 for Two Horns,"Xi" for Horn and Piano by Wayne Lu, and Amazing Grace for Horn and Piano arranged by Wayne Lu.

June 2011 - Performance of Summer Song for Horn and Piano by Wayne Lu at the Kendall Betts Horn Camp performed by Ellen Smith, horn, and Arlene Kies, piano.  

April 2, 2011 - Beth Mildenhall, flute, performed Stephanie Rea's unaccompanied flute works "Solace" and "Rhythmania".  The performance received the highest rating, Division I, at the Iowa Small Group State Music Contest.

April 22, 2011 - Wayne Lu presented a master class to the composition studio at the University of Northern Iowa hosted by Professor Alan Schmitz.
April 11, 2011 - JG Miller performed Wayne Lu's "Cor de Force" on a recital hosted by James Thatcher in La Canada-Flintridge, California.

April 2011 - Joining Veritas as a contributing composer is Greg Barnes.  Greg is a music educator in the Apple Valley Community School District in Minnesota.  His brass choir work, A Hero's Welcome, won a composition contest in Dallas and was premiered there in 2004.  We are excited to have Greg join Veritas and look forward to representing his work.

March 2011 - University of Iowa Horn Choir led by Professor Jeff Agrell performed Wayne Lu's Elegy for Gretchen, dedicated to the memory of Gretchen Snedeker, dear friend and fellow colleague at the Kendall Betts Horn Camp.  

February 2011 - Steven Landis' duet for bassoons, Perspicacious Vicissitudes, was performed at The National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors National Conference on February 26, 2011 hosted by the University of Florida School of Music. The work was performed by Arnold Irchai and Tama Kott.

January 2011 - Congratulations to Christopher Kies for winning first place in the Longfellow Choral International Composers Competition for his work entitled "The Musical Sufferings of John Kreisler" noted as a five-minute comic operetta "based on Longfellow's 1838 translation of the E.T.A. Hoffmann story about a put-upon piano teacher and his musically flawed yet lovable students," - (Portland Press Herald).  Veritas congratulates Chris on this great achievement and distinction. 

December 2010 - Joining Veritas as a contributing composer is Steven Landis.  Steven is an accomplished composer that resides in Gainesville, Florida.  Steven has several commissions to his credit including a work for the Gainesville Symphony.  We are excited to represent Steven and his works.  

September 2010 - Joining Veritas as a contributing composer is Stephanie Rea.  Stephanie is Professor of Flute at Morehead State University and also married to Kurt Gorman, Veritas Musica Publishing Vice President.  We are excited to have Stephanie on board even if Kurt has been keeping her compositional prowess a secret from Wayne. 

September 2010 - Joining Veritas as a contributing composer is Christopher Kies, Professor of Composition/Theory at the University of New Hampshire.  Chris has offered nine original works and also an arrangement of a J. S. Bach piece for oboe and bassoon.  Chris' compositional library is extensive, and we look forward to working with Chris more in the future. 

August 2010 - Joining Veritas as a contributing composer is Michael Wall.  Michael graduated from the University of Iowa a few years ago and has been a composer for several years.  His horn quartet entitled Inscriptions was premiered at the U. of Iowa's Horn Studio recital in 2008. 

August 2010 - Joining Veritas as an editor is Michael Ozment.  Michael also graduated from the University of Iowa with a Master's in Music in horn under Professor Jeff Agrell.  Michael has recently worked as a Stage Manager at the U. of Georgia's performing arts facility and has recently accepted a new position as Stage Manager at Atlanta's Symphony Hall.

August 2010 - Joining Veritas as contributing composer is Scott Young.  Scott is a graduate of the Clayton College and State University and Valdosta State University and had his Dodecatet I premiered at the Kendall Betts Horn Camp in 2009.  Veritas will proudly be publishing this work and looks forward to more contributions from Scott in the years to come. 

July 2010 - Wayne Lu, horn, and Tim Meier, organ, performed Wayne Lu's Solace for Horn and Organ at Zion Lutheran Church. 

April 2010 - The South Hardin High School Percussion Ensemble premiered Luke Snyder's Tum Balalaika on a chamber recital at the South Hardin High School Auditorium.  The same piece was performed at the State Small Group Contest the following week. 

June 2010 - JG Miller, horn, and Arlene Kies, piano, premiered his original composition Cloak and Dagger Games at the 2010 Kendall Betts Horn Camp, Week 3 Staff/Faculty Recital. 

June 2010 - Wayne Lu's Fantasy for Horn Choir (written for Jeff Agrell) was performed at the 2010 Kendall Betts Horn Camp, Week 3 Solo/Ensemble Recital by the Staff/Faculty Horn Ensemble. 

May 2010 - Members of the Minnesota Orchestra brass premiered Wayne Lu's "In Memory of...(to honor the life of Molly Naugle)" as part of the Colonial Church Chamber Music Series, Ellen Dinwiddie Smith, director, at the Colonial Church in Edina, Minnesota.  The work was commissioned by Jay and Kathy Snedeker of Baldwinsville, New York.   

March 2010 - Paul Tucker, US Army Ceremonial Band Alto Saxophone, premiered Wayne Lu's Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano at the North American Saxophone Alliance conference at the U. of Georgia.  Paul is a dear friend from Iowa City and is married to Megan Gray, one of Wayne's former private horn students. 

March 2010 - US Air Force Band Woodwind Quintet led by Stacy Ascione, flute, premiered Wayne Lu's Scenes from the Midwest, III. The Heartland at Fort Washington, MD.  Stacy is a dear friend from Iowa City High School where Wayne and Stacy both played under Mr. Paul McNally in the City High Wind Ensemble many years ago.

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