Composition Submissions

To all composers and arrangers that might be interested in having Veritas Musica Publishing represent you, here is the first step. 

We have created a simple and easy Submission Page for you to send your music for consideration. 

Once received, you will have an email confirmation sent to you in regards to the receipt of your works.  Then, a small committee consisting of at least myself (Wayne Lu, President/Founder) and Kurt Gorman and J. Greg Miller, both Vice Presidents, will review your work and make a decision on whether or not Veritas would like to offer you a contract.  Once the decision is made, you will receive an email from me informing you of the decision.  If it is that we want to offer you a contract, I will be in discussion with you about the terms of the contract and our business philosophy.  We thank you for your willingness to share your work.  We hope that this is only the start to a wonderful and prosperous relationship that lasts many years.

Please provide the following information before emailing us below:

1. Full name (no aliases)
2. Email address
3. Title of work(s)
4. Instrumentation of work(s)
5. Approximate length of work(s)
6. Resume/bio
7. PDF version of score


You can email this information to Wayne Lu by clicking here.


Veritas Musica Publishing

News at a Glance

Upcoming premieres of Veritas Musica Publications in 2012:

New Hampshire






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